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We are a collaboration of women from Pittsburgh and surrounding areas committed to praying God's protection, favor, and guidance over our children. Women everywhere, regardless of our age, ethnicity or social status can unite on the idea that we want to see ALL of our children live healthy, productive lives. Our children are the future. Our young men and women trying to find their way in life will  become our business owners, medical professionals, homemakers, teachers, tradesmen, first responders, police officers, and military members.

Our goal is to draw women in every community across the Pittsburgh area to join us in praying collectively for the health, peace, and prosperity of the young men and women of our city. Only God can break the destructive cycles that are claiming the lives and livelihoods of our kids. Join us in recognizing that the SOLUTION to the problems our communities face is not political but spiritual, and that God holds the key.

#SaveTheFuture  #Prosper #NotMyChild 

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Post comments / prayer requests to the comment board below or send us a private message via our Contact Us page.

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Receive updates on specific ways to pray for the children of our communities.

Also look for more information on scheduled conference calls and prayer walks. 


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  1. Sign up by entering your information above.
    IT'S FREE! You will receive regular updates on prayer meetings (via conference calls) and prayer walks through various neighborhoods. You can post specific requests to the comment board or email us more private requests (your information will be kept confidential).


  2. Print out the prayer calendar for this month (attached to the right) and join us in praying for our children!

  3. Send this link to your friends.
    Ask them to join us as we pray for the lives and livelihoods of ALL of our children.

Please visit our FUSION Leadership Group website for more information on how we can work together.


Townships in Allegheny County

*Neighboorhoods in the City of Pittsburgh

Townships in Butler County

Townships in Beaver County

Townships in Washington County

Townships in Armstong County

Please join the conversation by adding your prayers, prayer request or other
positive and uplifting comments in alignment with our mission of trusting God for the heath, peace, and prosperity of the young men and women of South-Western Pennsylvania.

Contact Us

Please contact us for prayer and support. Your private concerns/requests
will be shared with our prayer team members ONLY. Please message or call us if you would like someone to pray with you.

PHONE NUMBER: 412-400-7616


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